Etsy Shop Is Open

Its a very wet Sunday morning in Newport at the moment, so I decided to update you all on what is going on with the 3D Printing side of things.

As you may or may not have noticed if you have been paying attention to my Instagram or any other social media, 3D printing has become a huge thing on my list as I love designing new things.

So my next step now the designing is stepping up in quality and allot of people seem to like the work is I have now opened a small shop on Etsy, in short Etsy is a website where small and large designers and makers like my self can show off and sell anything they make either by hand or in my case by some for of machine options.

To start off my store has opened online with the 2 Vase models I designed and they are on sale for a starting price of £6 but they go up in price as you go to larger sizes of course.

The second stage will be to get more designs to a sale standard, for example I am currently working on and printing a new stand for the amazon echo dot as I type this.

So you will be able to find all the Etsy info by Click Here , or the 3D Printing section of my website will have the links to the products directly at a slightly later stage once all product photos are done, again by my self as I want to keep it all in house ( Literally lol )

So if any of you have any ideas of what you would like to see me design and sell, please feel free to comment on any posts you see or comment here.

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