This mostly relates to my Etsy store and have allready been displayed on there, but thought I would leave this on for you all.

What’s your return policy?

Return any of my products is perfectly fine as long as there is a perfectly valid reason and they have not been customized in any way (Customizing will be an option soon)

Do you ship oversees?

I certainly do ship oversees, which is allot easier these days.

But please bare in mind, certain countries have longer or slower mail services and the estimates on my Etsy cant always perfectly relate, so be patient it will arrive.

Perfect examples are - UK can be done in 1-2 days delivery, Germany would be 5-7 days and Australia more around 10 days.

Do you have customer service?

I am always more than to answer questions and concerns if any, please find all forms of contact on my contact me page.

Do you sometimes add extras with your Etsy orders?

I will never change your Etsy order, but I may upgrade it for free or add something cool as an extra bonus if your nice to me lol