Slowly Rebuilding

So this week I have decided to get moving again with my media based work as well as my IT work, I will keep this first blog post short for now but the short version is I haven’t been making time to pick up the camera and get on with other media work, there is no decent excuse for doing this lol.

As of this week you will see this website slowly turn back into what I wanted to do years ago, also you will see it all go back into one place as running photography separately was becoming time consuming posting everything twice.

So lets get it all started under the new shorter and easier name Valkyrie Media, this website coming first and being the place to find all of the work.

Keep an eye on the page for more info soon, you will get an idea from the pages and tabs what I will be posting but they may change over time.

So for now lets just watch this page and the work grow again :).

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