The Etsy Update

If you have been following me on social media (Heavy on the Instagram side), you will notice I have recently sold allot of Hard style based magnets on Etsy.

This is going great so I will be adding a load more very soon, with different logos maybe even non Hard Style logos.

These are cheap and easy so they will help fund the 3D printing portion of my work and keep me printing them and the bigger items, it will also speed up the process allowing me to soon get a new but of essential software called Simplify 3D, which should allow me to work allot smoother.

So please keep an eye on the Etsy store and keep buying my amazing magnets CLICK HERE

Also as s side note I am calling them just magnets instead of fridge magnets, as I am trying to see how others get inspired to use them (I found loads of places to stick them lol)

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