The Experiment Worked

So last weekend just gone I decided while looking at some of my 3D prints that I needed to experiment with some spray painting options.

Not sure exactly what I wanted the end result to look like I googled around for some inspiration and came across the idea of trying to make them look like a stone effect which lent its self perfectly to using the past printed vases being the first victims of my experiment.

After some price checking I found a local shop selling Rustoleum stone effect paints and went with the pebble option, so I purchased a can of the paint plus some primer, also knowing from my research these work better on a roughed up surface I also added some fine grit sand paper and if you follow me on Instagram (Valkyrie Digital) you will see the step by step photos.

The end result although not perfect looks amazing, I could have read and stuck to the instructions for the stone paint better, meaning I could have been a little more patient with adding the 2nd and 3rd coats but it still looks great, next stages now are optional but may be very useful to keep the look perfect I will be adding a mat clear coat to preserve the stone paint a little longer.

As you can see from the photo the end result looks amazing, I will defiantly be doing this again but maybe next time a different color and leave my self some more time for drying each coat of the stone paint.

I should also mention a thank you to the amazing filament I used from Rigid Ink, its extremely easy to work with and in this case sand to a perfect surface.

Please leave comments if you have any suggestions on changes I could make, other options I could consider for paint or just your opinions on the results.

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